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Dr Brown's

Dr Brown's Baby Care Kit (Brush, Comb, Nasal Aspirator, Nail Scissors)

  • The Baby Care Kit from Dr Brown's contains a brush, comb, nasal aspirator, nail scissors.
  • The brush had soft bristles and the comb has fine tooth which are safe on your baby's soft skin, and may alleviate cradle cap when you use it regularly.
  • The nasal aspirator clears your baby's nose from blockages which relieves it from congestion.
  • It is easy and simple to use, you squeeze the bulb and place the ip in the baby's nostril, then release gently to create a vacuum which draws out the blockage.
  • Don't forget to clean it after each use, using warm soapy water.
  • The nail scissors with a rounded tip easy to grip and trims your baby's nails gently.
  • It has a protective case for your child security.