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Happi Tummi

Happi Tummi for Adults and Teens - Blue

Happi Tummi for Adults helps with gas, constipation, IBS, menstrual pain and cramps. It includes our patented herbal soothing pouch specially formulated for adults.

Just heat and treat.

  • Sizes: Small: Up to 32" waist
  • Medium: 32" ~ 40" waist
  • Large/XL: 42" ~ 65" waist
  • How to use : warm the herbal pouch in the microwave or the oven as you put it in a heat safe dish and warm it to 250° for around 5 mins. Once warm , put the pouch back to the band and warp it around your belly.
  • The pressure and the heated herbals will do the magic and soothe your pain.