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Huanger Musical Piano Toy

  • The Musical Toy is in the same time a baby xylophone and piano that will wake up the artistic side in your baby.
  • A musical instrument with 5 buttons to play different sounds.
  • Bright color to catch the kid's attention and develop their visual capacities.
  • Colorful and numbered buttons to develop the baby's distinguishing capacities.
  • Designed for little hands.
  • Recommended for babies over 18 months.
  • A perfect birthday gift.
  • Made from smooth metal.

A passion for music should develop in a child from an early age. Now, with our colorful piano, learning while having fun will be even more fun!

This toy is a combination of traditional cymbals with a piano - the musical metal plates are struck by colorful keys. Successive tones are represented by different colors and numbers, thanks to which the child can easily remember the played songs, learn to recognize colors and the first five numbers. It also stimulates the development of basic manual functions of the hand and precision. For this reason, the sets are included in the pieces in which the notes are written in the form of colored numbers. The casing of the piano is in a bright red color, in the shape of a miniature piano.