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Pureborn Size 4 - 7 to 12 kg - 24 Diapers

  • PureBorn Eco Bamboo Diapers
  • Bring home this efficient pack of baby diapers to keep your child's delicate skin free from rashes.
  • Made of a premium quality material that ensures leak protection and provides for breathability of skin as well.
  • 100 % pure Organics Bamboo Pulp which is not bleached with chlorine.
  • With 100% bamboo pulp absorbent core
  • Children's skin is up to 70% more absorbent, so they have derived natural gentle natural formulations, using only safe preservatives.
  • Completely Tree Free Made from 100% Bamboo Core
  • Disintegrate in 180 days - Secure leak protection and compostable, breathable backsheet
  • Contains 100 % Compostable back Sheet & Wrapper, The top Sheet Made from Corn Stretch Based
  • Size: Size 4 from 7 to 12 Kg
  • Pack includes 24 diapers

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