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Sevi Bebe

Sevi Bebe Supported Crawling Knee Pad - Blue

  • ANATOMICAL DESIGN: This product has an "anatomical design" patent. Sevi Baby Knee Pads are produced from a high quality jersey fabric, made in Turkey.
  • CERTIFIED QUALITY: Unlike the other knee pads, Sevi Baby Knee Pads have soft and thick cushions that give much comfort to the babies while crawling. The quality of our products has been tested and certified by numbers of international organizations. See the certificates in the pictures.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Suitable for 6 - 14 months babies. There are two plastic hooks on the sides. With the help of these special hooks, you can easily adjust the size. According to the thickness of the baby's leg, you can make it smaller or bigger.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: As these knee pads are used for crawling, they are also quite ideal for new-walkers. They protect your baby's knees from bruises, redness and scrapes when they crawl or walk. Your baby can wear these knee pads anywhere, at home or outside in any season. The knee pads are easily washable and do not shrink.