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Spectra 24mm Hands Free Cup Set Breast Feeding Accessories

  • Spectra Handsfree Cups are available so you can pump handsfree and on the go.
  • Box contains two sets of Spectra Handsfree Cups compatible with all Spectra pumps. 
  • Size : 24 mm.
  • How to wear Hands Free Cup:
    1-In order to maintain the same suction pressure while pumping, try placing it inside a larger bra or a bra that you normally wear and choose one that is more comfortable.
    2-Keep it in the perpendicular position inside the bra, and avoid bras that allow it to slip, sag down or tlit sideways during use.
    3-Check that the flanges are sealed tight onto your skin.
    4-Position it over your nipple, right in the center of the flange
    5-Tilting of the flange may lead to leaking of breastmilk. Please pump sitting upright to ensure the flange does not tlit.
    6- Each milk collection cup is capable of holding 250ml of breastmilk.