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Spectra Wearable Breast Shield Set

 Wearable Breast Shield Set from Spectra :

  • How to use:

1- Wash your hands and wipe your breast with a warm towel. Do not use alcohol.

2- Adhere the product to your breast. Please make sure your nipples are in the middle of the inner part.

3- Using a nursing bra, fix the product adhered to your breast and start pumping.

4- Once pumping is completed, turn off the breast pump and lean your upper body forward. Then, put your fingers in between your breast and flange and separate them slowly.

  • Components:

-Wearable cover.

-Wearable flange.

-Backflow prevention silicone.

-Silicone valve.

-Wearable baby bottle.

  • How to wash:

- Separate the components and wash with the baby bottle detergent.

- After washing, sterilizing with boiling water is generally recommended.